Floating Sound Gallery

Floating Sound Gallery

Presentation of spatial sound pieces necessarily requires a specific space essentially different from traditional concert halls. Apart from proper audio equipment and specialised listening situation’ conditions for the audience, it has to function on an on-going basis, offering possibilities for sound artists to realise their compositions and for involved audience to experience it.

As a venue to present multi-channel pieces, Sound Art Gallery appears to be an entity on the crossing point of art gallery, concert hall and CD label. Listener is invited to experience sound works as if they were sculptures or pictures, out of “time” dimension – that sides it with art gallery; from concert hall, if to leave behind its practice of stage focusing, Sound Art Gallery inherits a practice of musicking; finally, since there are no other wide-spread facilities to listen to multi-channel pieces at home or portably or else, Sound Art Gallery holds an extension of music label in that sense – all these three shapes the concept and the practice of a Sound Art Gallery.

Conceptually initiated by sound artist and communicator Patrick K.-H. (Anton Iakhontov) in 2008, in 2010 Floating Sound Gallery (FSG) was joined by co-curator Oleg Makarov and coordinator Anastasia Blur. Since that time, FSG has organised and has been presented in frames of many festivals from Krasnoyarsk to Vienna, evoking a professional interest both from senior specialists of spatial sound and emerging artists.

Floating Sound Gallery collaborates with international institutions, among them “Diapason” gallery for sound art (NYC), Ö1 Kunstradio — Radiokunst (At), SEAMS (Society for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden), etc.

By conducting predominantly fundamental researches, sound artist’s work with spatial sound may find its fruitful output in adjacent media – theatre and performance art.
In 2014, FSG has been launched at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, that largely helps the music palette of ongoing repertoire to get enriched. FSG invites to emphasise the actuality of conceptual and practical works of experimenters from 1930s on not only by immersive listening sessions but by workshops with living classics, it also serves a platform for emergent and full-bloomed artists to demonstrate their works for interested audience. In that respect, students of New Media laboratory – another educational project of the same team with FSG – utilise Gallery facilities for their music and multimedia startups and try-outs.

contact us: floatingsoundgallery@gmail.com

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