Floating Sound Gallery

Floating Sound Gallery

Presentation of spatial sound pieces necessarily requires a specific space, essentially different from traditional concert halls. Apart from proper audio equipment and specialized listening situation’ conditions for the audience, it has to function on an on-going basis, offering possibilities for sound artists to realize their compositions and for involved audience to experience it.

As a venue to present multi-channel pieces, Sound Art Gallery appears to be an entity on the crossing point of art gallery, concert hall and CD label. Listener is invited to comprehend sound-works as if they were sculptures or pictures, out of “time” dimension – that twins it with an art gallery; from concert hall, if to leave behind its practice of stage focusing, Sound Art Gallery inherits a practice of musicking; finally, since there are no other wide-spread facilities to listen to multi-channel pieces at home or portably or else, Sound Art Gallery holds an extension of music label in that sense – all these three shapes the concept and the practice of a Sound Art Gallery.

Conceptually initiated in 2008, Floating Sound Gallery comes out as the most natural extensions of Patrick K.-H. and Oleg Makarov‘ art practices. Since that time, FSG has organized and has been presented in frames of many festivals from Krasnoyarsk to Vienna, evoking a professional interest both from senior specialists of spatial sound and emerging artists.

In 2014, FSG has been launched at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre.

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