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1st channel on AudioKinetica session in FSG (Ru)


Alexei Borisov / Patrick K.-H. – 21.02.15

. 18:00 - Patrick K.-H., “Dissimilate”, pt. 2, 16-channels sound installation (2015). “Quite subtile, strange color, suspending time…  sharp ear!” (François Bayle on “Dissimilate”, pt. 2). 20:00 - Alexei Borisov, multi channel audio performance. For his performances, Alexei Borisov uses a broader range of audio-equipement, from digital instruments to lo-fi and household devices. Computer software (Audio Mulch), smartphone, micro-cassette recorder, radio, noisy synths from […]

IMA: Maryanne Amacher / Diapason: Micah Silver – 20.02.15

In frames of the FSG, we begin to exhibit works created in various international art-centres and galleries dealing with spatial sound. And there are already two in this February program – IMA (Institut für Medienarchäologie, Austria) and Diapason Gallery for Sound Art (NYC)      19:30 – IMA session in FSG: Video portrait #06 Maryanne Amacher by Elisabeth Schimana & Lena Tikhonova (2013). IMAfiction is the Institute’s […]

Diapason gallery

Mission. As the sole venue in New York City and one of few internationally dedicated to the presentation of multi-channel sound installation, Diapason provides a space where composers and sound artists can realize their work for an interested public. By providing an optimum listening environment, two high quality multi-channel sound systems, a regular audience, and […]

AudioKinetica: attraction + performance

Aleksandr Žedeljov – project creator, composer, performer,Artjom Garejev – stage director, performer,Dmitri Mjatšin – metal artist,Aleksandr Potužnõi – tuning and adjustment, performer,Hara Alonso – musician, performer,Katrin Kvade – sound artist,Nikita Šiškov – sound engineer,Birgit Krullo – production assistant,Juri Žedeljov – rescue unit. Actors: Maria Pavlova, Anna Nekrasova, Inna Stepanova, Andrey Perovich, Antip Sokolsky. Floating Sound Gallery […]

Maryanne Amacher

Maryanne Amacher (1938 - 2009) born in Kane, studied at the University of Pennsylvania with George Rochberg and Karlheinz Stockhausen. At SUNY-Buffalo’s Center of the Creative and Performing Arts she initiated her renowned telematic City Links series (1967-79). With Marvin Minsky’s Triadex Muse, she began developing ear tone music in the 1970s at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies. She collaborated […]

Micah Silver

. First person, temporary: My participation in culture consists of producing scenarios within which a set of ideas and experiences can unfold. These scenes often point to core questions that I’ve been asking through many materials, strategies, and roles for the past decade. In each case, a highly speculative proposition is made, and it points […]

Stephen Vitiello

(c) Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) Stephen Vitiello is a sound and media artist based in Richmond, VA. Solo exhibitions of Vitiello’s sound installations, photographs and drawings have been presented at The Project, NY, Museum 52, London, Galerie Almine Rech, Paris and Diapason, NYC. Group exhibitions include the 2002 Whitney Biennial, the 2006 Biennial of Sydney and “Soundings: […]

100 TV on AudioKinetica session in FSG (Ru)


ITAR TASS on AudioKinetica session in FSG (Ru)


Alexei Borisov

Alexei Borisov. Outside of his native Russia, Alexei Borisov is probably best known as a live performer with a sound and visual style that make his performances transcend the usual gig situation and resemble Beckett-style absurd theatre. Perhaps the most appropriate term for their soundtrack would be ”live collage”, often based on domestic or everyday […]

Aleksandr Žedeljov: sound attraction.

available in Russian only.

AudioKinetica – 16/17/18.01.15

16, January, 19:30Audio-visual concert of Audiokinetica team + Sound Attraction. 17, January, 14.00 – Sound Attraction.18.30 - Audio-visual concert of Audiokinetica team + Sound Attraction. 18 января: 14.00 – Sound Attraction.18.30 – Video screening of previously done performances and installations of Audiokinetica team. @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. Petersburg, Russia.