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Архив за October 2018

Aleksandr Žedeljov

Aleksandr Žedeljov aka FAERSHTEIN - сomposer, musician, producer. Chamber music, bands, artists, theatre shows, film scores, fashion shows, media exhibitions and sound installation’s. He is producer and creator of “Modulshtein“, “Triophonix” , “Audiokinetica” and many other temporary art projects. After graduating from school he worked in theatre company’s including “Drugoi teater”, „Veneteater“, “Sadama teater”, “Eesti Drama theatre”, […]

Burkhard Stangl, artist-talk and performance @ ACOUSMONIUM festival.

Burkhard Stangl presenting and projecting his piece MISCS (2015) at Russian ACOUSMONIUM inauguration. New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, 06.07.2018, moderator / curator – Patrick K.-H.

Daniel Teruggi: It was called Acousmatic.

Daniel Teruggi (composer, director of GRM 1997-2017) to Patrick K.-H. (composer, Floating Sound Gallery) on Acousmatic, its meanings, origins and history: – hearing phenomena, – cinema for the ears, – Pierre Schaeffer, Luc Ferrari and François Bayle, – “music concrete” vs. “music abstract”, – “sound object” and “musical object”, – active listening. GRM (Paris), June […]

“Cultural evolution” TV on the ACOUSMONIUM festival.

https://topspb.tv/programs/releases/90838/ “Cultural evolution” of St.Petersburg TV on ACOUSMONIUM festival.

What is Acousmatic? (Patrick K.-H. for Colta.ru)

https://www.colta.ru/articles/music_modern/18395?part=1 Before the ACOUSMONIUM festival, curator Patrick K.-H. addressed questions about spatial music, its practices and terminology to the participants – François Bayle, Thomas Gorbach, Daniel Teruggi, Jean-Claude Eloy, Burkhard Stangl, Martina Claussen and Volkmar Klien. (In Russian language).

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: Jean-Claude Eloy.

Jean-Claude Eloy: artist talk at Russian Acousmonium inauguration.In conversation with curator Patrick K.-H.New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Floating Sound Gallery, St.Petersburg, 07.08.2018.Camera / festival coordinator – Anastasia Blur.

First Channel Saint Petersburg on the ACOUSMONIUM festival.

http://www.1tvspb.ru/event/akusmatika/ “Loudspeakers Orchestra: Acousmatic - unusual music genre and great experiment”. First Channel Saint Petersburg.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: François Bayle.

François Bayle: artist talk at Russian Acousmonium inauguration. New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Floating Sound Gallery, St.Petersburg, 07.08.2018. Camera / festival coordinator – Anastasia Blur. Translation – Ekaterina Bereznikova.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: Daniel Teruggi.

Artist talk at Russian Acousmonium inauguration: Daniel Teruggi, curator of the French program.  New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Floating Sound Gallery, St.Petersburg, 07.08.2018.  Ru translation / curator - Patrick K.-H.  Camera / festival coordinator – Anastasia Blur.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: pirates of institutions.

On the 6th-8th of July, 2018, Acousmonium was first time introduced in Russia at the devoted festival in Alexandrinsky Theatre. On the last day participants of this “Acousmonium inauguration” gathered to discuss issues of adaptation and (un)natural selection of electroacoustic and acousmatic music in academic, art, theatre and music contexts and environments. Born to electricity […]

Vinzenz Schwab

Vinzenz Schwab, born in Eastern Styria in 1981, studied computer music and electronic media at the Vienna University of Music. He works in the fields of electroacoustic music and live electronics, focusing on concrete sound material and its transformation possibilities with regard to algorithmic compositions for multichannel concerts as well as improvisation in different formations. […]