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Savokasälpä: audio-visual experiments from Finland — 29.11.2019

29, November, 19.00 In frames of Russian tour “Savokasälpä – experimental music and cinema from Finland”.Anton Nikkilä: “Literal Translations”, 32 min, 2018, frontal 4.1 audio-piece with text video.Alexei Borisov & Anne Hämäläinen: “Before the Evroremont 2.0”, 30 min, 2001/2019, live performance (quadro) + video.Mika Taanila: “Tectonic Plate”, 74 min, 2016. Soundtrack: Mika Vainio.Screening-performance with Elena Kostyleva and Boris Nelepo. @ Media-Center of […]

Anton Nikkilä

Anton Nikkilä (born 1965) is a musician, composer and media artist who lives and works in Helsinki. He started making music with his group Swissair in the ”post-punk” milieu of the early 80’s. Composing electronic music since the mid-80′s he released his first solo album in 1998 on Moscow’s Exotica label. His duo with the Moscow […]