Floating Sound Gallery

Virtual Sound Gallery

VSG_500Virtual Sound Gallery (VSG) is a web stage for modern multichannel music, sound- and audiovisual art. It is an accessible, web-based virtual reality (VR) environment for a visualised binaural simulation of multichannel sound reproduction. In this environment, a user can change their location among virtual loudspeakers and rotate their head to get the best spatial listening experience. In addition, an integrated video engine provides the ability to play visual content on one or several virtual screens in sync with the audio. VSG provides access to different electroacoustic music compositions presented in several virtual exhibitions and classified by concepts, styles, and organisations. Technically, VSG is a one-page website developed with modern Java Script, PHP, and MySQL. VSG works on a modern desktop and mobile browsers. It is also compatible with such virtual reality devices as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. Further development of the system includes adding algorithmic composition functionality, a sound objects spatialisation approach, panoramic video engine, static addresses of works and exhibitions, comments, and personal messages.
Created and curated by Andrey Bundin.