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Liu Peixin

LIU-Peixin500 Liu Peixin is a young composer. She is now pursuing her Master degree in the Department of graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Professor Zhang Xiaofu. Her research areas include composition and electronic music.Her music works include film soundtrack, dance music, music drama and installation art.
She has served as the Deputy Director of Beijing International Electronic Music Festival and the Deputy Director of Finance of Beijing International Film Festival. Her work “Erdoni’s call” was invited to be first-time performed in the “Beijing International Electronic Music Festival”.
Her works have won numerous prizes including the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and the excellence prize from participating the “Beijing MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING international electronic music competition”.


This work is a combination of video and electronic music class works, trying to seize the world’s imprint, through the voice, and the screen, to express the memories of the memories of the past and sentiment. Sound material comes from the Matouqin and electronic music, through the sound sampling, processing, deformation, and virtual processing of voices, with the imaginary picture, to show a monologue of the imprinting. That is a kind of voice from the heart, as traces of the years left in our memory.

“Five Stanzas of Plum-blossoms”

In ancient Chinese literature, plum flower and Guqin, a plucked instrument, represent an essential part of gentleman-characters. This piece is inspired by an ancient music piece by  Hengyi of the Jin Dynasty that depicts a gentleman’s moral integrity and resolution. During the performance, the Guqin is played using various fingering techniques different from those used on western instruments, such as flicking, sliding and water-drop-sounding tremolo plucking.