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Wang Xinyu

WANG-Xinyu50Wang Xinyu is currently a lecturer at department of music engineering of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou, China. He got his doctorate degree in theory of electronic composition at Center for Electronic Music, CCOM. Wang was the music programmer and sound designer of different works commissioned by music festivals such as Musicacoustica-Beijing, Beijing Modern Music Festival, Electronic Music Week of Shanghai and PALM 2017. Wang wins different prizes including first prize of the recording & mixing competition of Musicacoustica-Beijing, national scholarship of the Chinese Ministry of Education, etc. His papers about electroacoustic music were also selected and recommended by the academic jury of Musicacoustica-Beijing, and published on the influential magazines such as Music Communication in China.

Yi-Motions – electroacoustic music

Yi is the pronunciation of an ancient Chinese character, which describes all interchange motions between Yin and Yang. Chinese ancestors proposed the concept that there are eternal and different motions between Yin and Yang under all phenomena in our world.

This piece is trying to give one representation of composer’s own understanding about Yin-Yang motions by adopting different kinds of electronic techniques: The motions are in chaos that has a totally unpredictable quality. While at the same time, these motions are also constrained under certain rules that could be grasped by our rational mind…