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Huizi Li

LI-Huizi50Huizi Li was majored in Electronic Organ before earning her Electronic Music Composition master degree in Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China. She is a current doctor studying with professor Xiaofu Zhang in Central Conservatory of Music.Selected awards: the second prize in 2014  MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Electronic Music Composition Competition in both group A.The piece “Yi” has been performing on  MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING- Concert of Young Performers, 2015.

Decoda(6’30’’ / 2017)

This piece is a “signal” sound as the main material, with a number of deformation of the composition of the main vocabulary of the work.The process will represent the transmitting passwords ,decode.The first paragraph describes the main material of the sound  mainly ;  the second paragraph is the signal sound intertwined together, as is looking for “decoding” method; the third paragraph in the form of regular rhythm of the signal Sound, through a number of complex “signal” constitute a “decoding”.