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Luc Ferrari


Photo Laszlo Ruszka 1963 @ ina

Luc Ferrari was born in 1929. He asks himself about this sentence; first 1929. He has written numerous autobiographies in which he would fake dates. Writing makes him crazy, don’t ask him to do that. And because he didn’t want to appear to be younger, he would age himself. That’s why there are a lot of false dates that exist, and he used to find it very funny. Now, he does not anymore!
Then, born in Paris. He asks himself: to be born in Paris! He asks himself who he would have been if he was born in his father’s little village in Corsica. He asks himself what he would have become if he was born in Marseille, his mother’s hometown. He asks himself who he would be if he was born in Italy, like his ancestors.
For this, he has no answer.
On August 22, 2005, Luc Ferrari passed away in Arezzo, Tuscany.

Presque rien avec filles – Almost nothing with girls / 1989, 13’54

A photographer or a composer is hidden in paradoxical landscapes; young girls are there in a kind of picnic and are, without their knowing, being spied upon.
L. F.