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Ivo Malec


1967 Photo – Laszlo Ruszka © Ina

Ivo Malec – french composer born in 1925 in Zagreb, Croatia.
After studying at the university and the conservatory of his hometown, Ivo Malec settled in Paris in 1959. He entered the GRM in 1960 and became the manager and producer of numerous events until 1990.Teacher in composition at the Paris Conservatory (1972-1990), he contributed to teach a whole new generation of French composers. Composer and conductor specialized in mixed pieces, he was one of the first to achieve a connection between traditional music and electroacoustic techniques. His major pieces include Lied (1969), Therana (1975), Arco 11 (1975), Triola (1978), Attaca (1986), Ottava alta (1995), Sonoriscausa (1997), Arc-en-cello (2003), Epistola (2006).

Turpituda, from Triola, ou symphonie pour moi-même / 1978, 9’30

“This piece marked my return to the studio after several years of absence, a return, which for unknown reasons, needed to be part of a rather ambitious project – a strictly personal idea… this is how my mind slowly turned towards the design of a musical narrativemeant to stand for a relearning of the trade,the temptation to use purely electronic material so as change it into something other than itself, a wide range of form(s) and, when possible, a work, if not a musical piece.
The title, Triola (triplet), was chosen to emphasise these three movements, each with their own title and which, just like the three equal values of the triplet, sustain a basic unit through interference.This is quite symbolic, as is the alternative title: the ‘Symphony for myself’ is not only named so because I wanted to offer myself something — which I did — but perhaps and above all, because I had a score to settle (with myself). One could even say that the piece is autobiographical. We could do it, but we do not need to: That is not the question.”
I. M.