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Ilia Symphocat


Ilia Symphocat - the project of musician, composer, curator, sound engineer and owner of music label Simphonic Silence Inside, Ilia Pucheglazov. The project was created in 2005 and for a long time Ilia experienced many stylistic influences until he came to harmony and creative space for searching in Ambient music. Symphocat’s works and performances can be described as immersive and solvent waves with elements of modern classics, field recordings, ambient sounds, diy instruments and drone synths. In recent years, Ilya’s live performances can be heard at various ethnic, ambient, experimental festivals (Gamma, Fields, Science Fest, Synthposium, The Lookout, Sun Spirit, etc.), as well as in the urban spaces of Rostov-on-don, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Currently lives in the Northern capital and works in studio in art-center Pushkinskaya-10.

aloe / 2020, 16′, 6 channels.

A metaphysical sound composition based on a documented conversation with a young girl with a mysterious name, Aloe. During the conversation, Aloe becomes more and more involved in thinking about life, culture, and the voices that communicate with her. In process of dissecting sound fragments, the author randomly discovers phrases that lead a sacred narrative from other universes of time and space. The meeting of the participants of the dialogue took place accidentally and once, the further history of girl is unknown.