Floating Sound Gallery

Soundwalk — 13.06.20

13, June, 15:00-21:00

Back to Reality, but also online!
Join us for the Soundwalk—multichannel sound works from the Floating Sound Gallery at Modul and Vronihof,
durational Schaufenster Performances with Johanna Nielson, Agnes Schneidewind and Versatzstücke Crew at Setzkasten and alternative perspectives and binaural audio online on echoraeume.klingt.org.
We also want to welcome our new Neighbours from Sandkasten Syndicate at Jörgerstrasse and are happy that Zwischendecke is joining us with an exhibition opening that day as well.

Everything happens within 5 minutes walking distance – leave your living room and start walking, don’t come all at the same time, the pieces are played in a 20 minutes loop – check out the Program.
If you are not in Vienna, join us online with headphones.

Kastenkonzert # 32 – >>multichannel Exhibition<<
8 Pieces of the Floating Sound Gallery (St. Petersburg)
Vronihof & Modul 15:00 – 21:00

Vronihof (quadro):
Phillippe Guzeev, Extra, 2017 / 04’33”
Polina Orlova, Vagus nerve irritation, 2019 / 03’02”
Anton Kvitchuk, Acousmatic etude, 2019 / 02’44”
Anton Kvitchuk, Shell, 2019 / 05’49”

Modul (8-channels):
Vera Bezrukova, Listening to a horse, 2017 / 08’25”
Dmitriy Antropov, Black Lodge, 2017 / 04’28”
Olga Zubova, crackles, 2019 / 03’42”
Olga Zubova, somewhere, 2019 / 03’17”

Windowfront Performance—Schaufenster in Damals*
Johanna Nielson & Agnes Schneidewind & Kleinsche Flasche (eine „nicht-orientierbare, zweidimensionale
differenzierbare Mannigfaltigkeit“)
Das „Schau-Fenster“ als Projektionsfläche, auf der wir uns begegnen und über die wir miteinander und mit Passant*innen in Dialog treten. Ein Experiment mit dem Spannungsverhältnis von Öffentlich und Privat, Innen und Außen, Prozess und Produkt.
Setzkasten 16:00 – 20:00

Setzkasten – Hernalser Hauptstrasse 29
Modul – Hernalser Hauptstrasse 31
Zwischendecke – Hernalser Hauptstrasse 31
Vronihof – Veronikagasse 24
Sandkasten – Jörgerstrasse 56
Echoraeume – echoraeume.klingt.org

Due to the current situation we’d like you to keep distance on the sidewalk and follow the regular covid-19 related restrictions.
In the Exhibitions there are seats in safe distance and the possibility for hand disinfection, please bring your masks anyway!