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Sergey Filatov


Sergey Filatov — artist, musician, composer, sound-artist, video artist, author and developer of electro-acoustic musical instruments. Is a member of the Union of artists of Russia, member of the International Association of Fine Arts UNESCO.
Since 2000 has been actively exhibiting his works as well as organizing a number of creative projects, personal and collaborative, including festivals of experimental music. The artist’s works may be found in private and corporate collections in Russia, India, Canada, Switzerland, USA.
The fine art of Sergey Filatov has the power to produce visual experiences beyond the usual set of concepts and ideas. His abstract compositions have the quality of acheiropoieta — that is, they create an impression of having been created not by hands, but by a miracle.
Paintings are formed spontaneously and expressively: according to the author, it all flows from the total presence in the moment. Layer after layer the paint is gradually applied to the surface of the canvas by prepared tools: brushes, rollers, spatulas, fabrics and other materials.
As a musician Sergey Filatov works in experimental electro-acoustic music genres: Drone, Ambient, Noise, Glitch, Musique concrète, and others. In his live performances, Sergey Filatov uses home-made instruments as well as field recordings.

Sergey Filatov is the author and creator of «Neti Neti” sound theatre.
It is an original project based on the principles of psychoacoustics and art therapy.
These art sessions often take place in subdued lighting, without any visual support, therefore the attention is fully focused on the music. The composer creates sound collages in realtime, immersing listeners in a peculiar sound environment and a meditative atmosphere. The effect of complete immersion in the space of sounds is achieved by a multi-channel speaker system that allows distinguishing and localising individual sound sources within the total soundscape (through spatial distribution and compositional movement).

Sergey Filatov has been a regular participant at international festivals of experimental electronic music with his solo performances, as well as in collaborations with such distinguished musicians as Jon Appleton, Paul J. Botelho, Jean-Francois Laporte, Arcangelo Constantini, Marcela Armas and many others.

“1.5 m/s”. Art-session of “Neti-Neti” sound theatre. 

The soundscape is generated in real time, based on field recordings collected at Abrau-Durso winery in spring 2015. 1.5 m/s is an optimum speed of wine flow in pipes when the wine is moved from an air tight reservoir to a cooling tank. Multi-channel audio distribution conveys the atmosphere of an antique wine cellar with 60 meters deep underground tunnels.

“Crackles on the gray”.

Generation source is the author’s original player “Crackles on the gray”, operating in the unconventional play mode. It involves rotation of the vinyl disc (with recorded Vietnamese fairy tale “A clever boy”) at different speeds and directions with alternating tracks. The author manages audio loops generated by the player in real time, creating tailor-made sound canvases.

“When I am Wind“,
sound-choreographic performance.

Aleksander Zubarev – dancer,
Sergey Filatov – multichannel sound.

Performer Alexander Zubarev and soundartist Sergey Filatov research the theme of the unity of the perceived and the perceiver. They are exploring a state where the body reacts to changes in the soundscape, and the sound seeks to achieve physical embodiment. The perception space is built in real time, where the viewer is able to see the outlines of sound and hear the formation of bodily biography.