Floating Sound Gallery

Roman Stolyar / Vladimir Luchansky


photo by Oleg Obukhov

Roman Stolyar / Vladimir Luchansky, «REHEARSAL», performance.

Roman Stolyar – synthesizers, flutes
Vladimir Luchansky – guitar, saxophones

Roman Stolyar and Vladimir Luchansky have been playing together for some years – at first in groups organized by Sergey Belichenko, then separately; together they played with well-known improvisers who visited Novosibirsk – Oliver Lake, Assif Tsahar, Glen Hall, William Parker, Tim Hodgkinson, Ilia Belorukov and many others. In summer 2014, musicians went to New-York and participated in the annual event of International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM), where they introduced a duo program which was well received by public from all over the world. They also performed in Spectrum venue as a trio with Californian musician and media artist Gordon Kurowski. An inquisitive listener will find a wide range of styles and genres – from radical non-idiomatic improvisations a lá Derek Bailey to meditative modality, minimalism and sonorism through melodic clarity.

The performance has been titled as REHEARSAL: duo performance — which is a kind of prelude for future concerts in Switzerland at upcoming international improvisers event.

Roman Stolyar is a composer and musician, prolific author and collaborator, music director of the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theater “Globus”. His book “Modern Improvisation: A Practical Guide for Piano” was published in Russia in 2010. In 2014, at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the “Camera Obscura” (dir. Vera Popova) performance with his music was staged.

Vladimir Luchansky is a guitarist and saxophonist, currently active in very different shades of contemporary music – from free improvisation to ambient. A participant of Siberian scene in past, he currently resides in Saint-Petersburg where collaborates with various musicians from all over the world.