Floating Sound Gallery

Andrey Bundin


Andrey Bundin (b. 1987) - сomposes chamber, symphonic, vocal and electro-acoustic music. Laureate of the composer’s competition “Modern tonal academic music” in 2011, Saint-Petersburg for the series “Six Pieces for Piano”. A. Bundin’s chamber works were performed in the concert hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers, the concert hall of the Institute of music, theater and choreography, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre.

Working with the theatre group «PoemaTheatre» since 2010 as a composer and sound designer, A. Bundin has produced 7 full-feature dance and theatre performances and more than 20 short performances on various theatrical stages of Moscow and St. Petersburg: New Stage of Alexandrinsky thetre, «Open Stage», the Museum of Modern art «Erarta», «Black box theatre», «Fish fabric novel», «Platforma», «Skorokhod», theatre center «Na Strastnom», Peter and Paul Fortress (at the opening of the festival «Open Cinema»), etc. The songs of A. Bundin were performed at various festivals and competitions including the “Big Concert Hall Oktyabrsky” and other stages. As a composer and sound producer has issued a series of commercials for next companies: «Nokia», «Yandex», «Dinamiko», «Tvoe TV», «Visit Sweden».

A. Bundin conducts creative and scientific work in the field of surround sound, electro-acoustic music and acoustics, develops computer tools for artistic performance and musical expression. Author and performer of innovative “Concert for smartphones” (around 100 personal devices in the audiencewere combined into a single polyphonic synthesizer using high-power wireless network) – the premiere took place in the Column Hall of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia in June 2015.

Last projects finished in the fall 2015: Virtual Sound Gallery, a web stage for modern multichannel music and audiovisual art; Music and sound production for the “Grand Opening of  Dominion Tower”, the first building created by Zaha Hadid in Russia; performance at the festival of audiovisual art “Cross-art” held in October at the museum of modern art “Erarta”.

Cycles – eight channel self-organizing sound installation. All tracks have different length. Their looped playback results in permanent mutations of rhythm and harmony, because of continuously shifting playback phase. The work explores the phenomena of accidental in multichannel sound environment; it raises the questions about chance, chaos and regularity. The longer the installation sound, the more complex and unpredictable it becomes.

Spectramorphological Poem.

What connects sound and light? Certainly, these two completely different phenomena both have wave nature, and thus both have spectrum. Black spectrum implies silence and white represents noise. Spectramorphological Poem is a creative research of sound spectrums and their relation with light and space.
In this piece, the author follows the principals of Spectramorphology as a basis of his composition technique. Synthesized and recorded sonic objects and patterns permutate from noise to recognized sounds and musical tones in a multichannel acoustic environment.

Music of things.

“Music of things” is a series of live electronic music works based on a specific granular synthesizer, which I have developed using Max/MSP. Main feature of this instrument is a capability to freeze any time period of a sample or real-time recording. During the performance I explore and play with timbral and amplitude characteristics of those frozen sound objects.