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Rupert Huber


(c) Sabine Pichler

Rupert Huber.
Composer, music artist, musician. Born 1967.
 Based in Vienna, Austria, works internationally. Music by Rupert Huber is organised structures, sounds and tones for multiple known and unknown real and electronic spaces: Dimensional Music.

Together with Richard Dorfmeister Rupert Huber builds TOSCA, which has released 14 albums over the last 20 years. TOSCA has performed live with worldwide success at events such as the Coachella Festival and has won Austria’s Amadeus Music Award.

Frozen Daylight.

Broadcast live on air in 5.1 Surround Sound and on line: Ö1 Kunstradio – Radiokunst, October 26th, 2008

An afternoon in June 2008: Turkish football supporters gather in Vienna, to move vociferously to the stadion. The composer hangs a microphone out of his studio’s window and records the situation.
Frozen Daylight: in a live-radio composition on 26th October 2008, Rupert Huber juxtaposes two acoustic events, the noise of the football fans and the overtones of a string ensemble.

Shutting the windows eliminates street sounds; but they remain in Rupert Huber’s head, fusing with sounds and creating an imaginary acoustic film that questions borders between inside and outside, between ears and eyes. Radio compositions are subject to their own rules; just like in a concert, the sonic event has vanished, and the next impression is to follow. The very moment, that Rupert Huber catches with Frozen Daylight, is ignited on the ferocious sounds of the sports fans, and the noisiness of the environment: a struggle between sounds created by humans – there is no victory and no death. Both at once would be the consequence of absolute noise – deafness.