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Seeing sound: the gallery where the sonic dreams of the Soviet avant-garde live on.

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Where to find sound art in Petersburg.

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Alexei Borisov / Patrick K.-H. – 21.02.15

. 18:00 - Patrick K.-H., “Dissimilate”, pt. 2, 16-channels sound installation (2015). “Quite subtile, strange color, suspending time…  sharp ear!” (François Bayle on “Dissimilate”, pt. 2). 20:00 - Alexei Borisov, multi channel audio performance. For his performances, Alexei Borisov uses a broader range of audio-equipement, from digital instruments to lo-fi and household devices. Computer software (Audio Mulch), smartphone, micro-cassette recorder, radio, noisy synths from […]

Alexei Borisov

Alexei Borisov. Outside of his native Russia, Alexei Borisov is probably best known as a live performer with a sound and visual style that make his performances transcend the usual gig situation and resemble Beckett-style absurd theatre. Perhaps the most appropriate term for their soundtrack would be ”live collage”, often based on domestic or everyday […]