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Denis Sorokin / Patrick K.-H., EAI jam

Patrick K.-H. / Denis Sorokin (objects) in Floating Sound Gallery, Media Studio of Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, 15.04.2015 ev feat. Oleg Makarov (instrument design), Camera – Anastasia Blur.

Diapason: Olivia Block / Electroacoustic Improvisation Studio – 15/17.05.15

15, May: 20:00 - Diapason session in FSG: Olivia Block, «Under Your Breath», sound installation. 17, May: 18:00 - Olivia Block, «Under Your Breath», sound installation, 20:00 - Electroacoustic Improvisation Studio (Andrey Popovsky, Boris Shershenkov, Denis Sorokin, Yury Akbalkan), “For ten minutes longer” performance, quadrophonic version. @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. […]

Noid / Diapason: Michael Schumacher / Patrick K.-H. & Denis Sorokin – 15/19.04.15

15, April: 20:00 - noid, «you’re not here», sound installation. 21:00 - Patrick K.-H. / Denis Sorokin , EAI set. 19, April, 15:00-18:00 - Michael J. Schumacher, «Filters & Filtered», sound installation. @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Denis Sorokin / Patrick K.-H. / Oleg Makarov, EAI jam

Denis Sorokin – prepared electric guitar, devices, Patrick K.-H. – semi-acoustic guitar, bow, MIDI, Oleg Makarov – Max/MSP in Floating Sound Gallery @ New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, St.Petersburg, 21.09.2014 ev Coordination / camera – A U Blur, Sound engineer – Andrey Martynov.

Denis Sorokin

Denis Sorokin (b.1985, St. Petersburg). Studied classical, later – jazz guitar. Nowdays, giving classical and electric guitar lessons in Gorky Culture Centre. Member of post-prog band “Undeon” and some of duos. From hard rock and jazz, his style has evolved to contemporary academic music, avant garde and free improvisation.

Michael J. Schumacher / Denis Sorokin – 20/21.09.14

20, September, 18.00-20.00: Michael J. Schumacher. “Filters and Filtered”, spatial sound installation (click for stereo preview). 21, September: 1) 16.00-18.00 — Michael J. Schumacher. “Filters and Filtered”, spatial sound installation.2) 18.00-19.00 — Denis Sorokin, John Cage pieces arrannged for prepared guitar: In The Name Of The Holocaust, Tosseed As it is Untroubled, Dream, The Perilous Night part IV, A Room. 3) 19.00-20.00 — […]