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Dmitrii Antropov

Dmitrii Antropov. Media artist, art historian, creative coder. He attended School of Improvisational Music (SPB) and New Media Lab (SPB). Individually and as a member of GODA media artist collective shows his works at international exhibitions, conferences and festivals. Believing that technology extends the boundaries of traditional art means, he mainly creates interactive installations and […]

FSG @ SA))_gallery – 10.11.17-12.1.18

10, November 2017 – 12, January 2018. Octophonic sound etudes from the Floating Sound Gallery collection, created by participants of the  “New Media Lab-2017” (St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre). Class “Art of sound within the frameworks of new media” of Andrey Bundin. Anastasia Ivanova, “The Forest” (2017), Dmitrii Antropov, “Black Lodge” (2017), Филипп Гузеев, “Extra” (2017), Natash Skulskaya, “Land slices” (2017), Vera Bezrukova, “Listening to a horse” (2017).