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Opening of the ACOUSMONIUM festival, 2019

ACOUSMONIUM festival, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg, Russia, in co-production with INA GRM, supported by Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg, 25-28.07.2019 Opening words: François Bonnet, head of INA GRM, Patrick K.-H. (Anton Iakhontov), curator of the Festival, Alain Hélou, director of Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg, Ioulia Starovoitova, curator of cultural programs of Institut Français […]

St. Petersburg TV channel report in the ACOUSMONIUM festival


1 channel TV report on the ACOUSMONIUM festival


Russia 1 TV-channel report on the ACOUSMONIUM festival


Ina GRM announcement of the ACOUSMONIUM festival

ACOUSMONIUM festival — 25-28.07.19, in co-production with INA GRM

ACOUSMONIUM festival in co-production with INA GRM / Groupe de Recherches Musicales, supported by Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg. 25, July / Thursday / FESTIVAL OPENING Performance - 19:30 - 22:00  The New Stage Opening word: Daniel Teruggi – “From Sound to Music: the contributions of musique concrète” GRM performance: Pierre Schaeffer, “Cinq études de bruits” (1948). Bernard Parmegiani, “L’œil […]

François Bonnet

François Bonnet is a Franco-Swiss composer, writer and theoretician based in Paris. He’s been a member of INA GRM since 2007 and became its Director in 2018. He has published several books (The Order of Sounds, a sonorous Archipelago and The Infra-World have been published in english by Urbanomic). His last work to date Après […]


Since its founding by Pierre Schaeffer in 1958, the INA’s Musical Research Group (GRM) has been a unique place for creation, research and conservation in the fields of electroacoustic music and recorded sound. As a response to the expectations of musicians, composers and sound designers, over the years, the GRM has focused on developing a […]