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IMA: Maryanne Amacher / Diapason: Micah Silver – 20.02.15

In frames of the FSG, we begin to exhibit works created in various international art-centres and galleries dealing with spatial sound. And there are already two in this February program – IMA (Institut für Medienarchäologie, Austria) and Diapason Gallery for Sound Art (NYC)      19:30 – IMA session in FSG: Video portrait #06 Maryanne Amacher by Elisabeth Schimana & Lena Tikhonova (2013). IMAfiction is the Institute’s […]

Maryanne Amacher

Maryanne Amacher (1938 - 2009) born in Kane, studied at the University of Pennsylvania with George Rochberg and Karlheinz Stockhausen. At SUNY-Buffalo’s Center of the Creative and Performing Arts she initiated her renowned telematic City Links series (1967-79). With Marvin Minsky’s Triadex Muse, she began developing ear tone music in the 1970s at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies. She collaborated […]