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Noid / Diapason: Michael Schumacher / Patrick K.-H. & Denis Sorokin – 15/19.04.15

15, April: 20:00 - noid, «you’re not here», sound installation. 21:00 - Patrick K.-H. / Denis Sorokin , EAI set. 19, April, 15:00-18:00 - Michael J. Schumacher, «Filters & Filtered», sound installation. @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. Petersburg, Russia.


noid /aka arnold haberl, *1970, living in vienna composer . performer . improviser | cello . electronic devices his musical approach can be described as fundamental research. his works span a wide range of contradictory outcome, from solos to compositions for ensembles, from sound installations to videos. using electronics as well as acoustical instruments. consequently denying the […]