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Olga Zubova

Olga Zubova is a sound and visual artist, performer, and an art historian. Works in various mediums, including sound, performance, video, and installations. In her projects, she investigates human self-representation in different realities, and draws on a speculative or parafictional approach, creating alternative scenarios of the world. Born in Siberia, she now lives and works […]

Young Lions of Acousmatic Music — 5.12.20

5, December, 20:00 Echoes Around Me IV: Young Lions of Acousmatic Music on The Vienna Acousminimum. Fixed Media Artists: Floating Sound Gallery / New Media Laboratory class of Patrick K.-H. / St. Petersburg Olga Zubova: Hypodechomai | 20’10” | 2020 Victoria Morgunova: C.R.N.S. | 24’50” | 2020 Music Information Technologies’ Department of the National Music […]

FSG @ Epicentroom — 19-25.10.2020

Floating Sound Gallery @ Pushkinskaya-10 Art-Centre festival EPICENTROOM: Phillippe Guzeev, Extra, 2017 / 04’33”Polina Orlova, Vagus nerve irritation, 2019 / 03’02”Anton Kvitchuk, Acousmatic etude, 2019 / 02’44”Anton Kvitchuk, Shell, 2019 / 05’49”Vera Bezrukova, Listening to a horse, 2017 / 08’25”Olga Zubova, crackles, 2019 / 03’42”Olga Zubova, somewhere, 2019 / 03’17” Nastya Yatskhey, Wales, 2019 / 04’35” 18-25, […]

Soundwalk — 13.06.20

13, June, 15:00-21:00 Back to Reality, but also online!Join us for the Soundwalk—multichannel sound works from the Floating Sound Gallery at Modul and Vronihof,durational Schaufenster Performances with Johanna Nielson, Agnes Schneidewind and Versatzstücke Crew at Setzkasten and alternative perspectives and binaural audio online on echoraeume.klingt.org.We also want to welcome our new Neighbours from Sandkasten Syndicate at Jörgerstrasse […]