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ACOUSMONIUM festival — 30.07-01.08.21


Young Lions of Acousmatic Music — 5.12.20

5, December, 20:00 Echoes Around Me IV: Young Lions of Acousmatic Music on The Vienna Acousminimum. Fixed Media Artists: Floating Sound Gallery / New Media Laboratory class of Patrick K.-H. / St. Petersburg Olga Zubova: Hypodechomai | 20’10” | 2020 Victoria Morgunova: C.R.N.S. | 24’50” | 2020 Music Information Technologies’ Department of the National Music […]

Soundwalk II — 10.10.20

10, October, 16:00-22:00 Sound walk between fixed and performed mono, quadro, octophonic and Acousminium works. Collaboration of Setzkasten, Vronihof, Floating Sound Gallery and The Acousmatic Project. modul | multichannel fixed media Maja Osojnik „The point of no return“ 2015, 24’52“ Nicolás Melmann „Armonias Desiguales“, 2020, 22`42″ Hernalser Hauptstrasse 31, 1170 Vienna. Vronihof | Acousminium Thomas Gorbach „Shots & Curls“ 2018/19, 10’30“ Patrick […]

ACOUSMONIUM festival — 25-28.07.19, in co-production with INA GRM

ACOUSMONIUM festival in co-production with INA GRM / Groupe de Recherches Musicales, supported by Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg. 25, July / Thursday / FESTIVAL OPENING Performance - 19:30 - 22:00  The New Stage Opening word: Daniel Teruggi – “From Sound to Music: the contributions of musique concrète” GRM performance: Pierre Schaeffer, “Cinq études de bruits” (1948). Bernard Parmegiani, “L’œil […]

“Cultural evolution” TV on the ACOUSMONIUM festival.

https://topspb.tv/programs/releases/90838/ “Cultural evolution” of St.Petersburg TV on ACOUSMONIUM festival.

What is Acousmatic? (Patrick K.-H. for Colta.ru)

https://www.colta.ru/articles/music_modern/18395?part=1 Before the ACOUSMONIUM festival, curator Patrick K.-H. addressed questions about spatial music, its practices and terminology to the participants – François Bayle, Thomas Gorbach, Daniel Teruggi, Jean-Claude Eloy, Burkhard Stangl, Martina Claussen and Volkmar Klien. (In Russian language).

First Channel Saint Petersburg on the ACOUSMONIUM festival.

http://www.1tvspb.ru/event/akusmatika/ “Loudspeakers Orchestra: Acousmatic - unusual music genre and great experiment”. First Channel Saint Petersburg.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: pirates of institutions.

On the 6th-8th of July, 2018, Acousmonium was first time introduced in Russia at the devoted festival in Alexandrinsky Theatre. On the last day participants of this “Acousmonium inauguration” gathered to discuss issues of adaptation and (un)natural selection of electroacoustic and acousmatic music in academic, art, theatre and music contexts and environments. Born to electricity […]

ACOUSMONIUM festival – 6-8.07.18

https://www.acousmonium.info/ Curator of the festival: Рatrick K.-H. Curator of Austrian program: Thomas Gorbach. Curator of French program: Daniel Teruggi.

Thomas Gorbach

Thomas Gorbach (*1966, Vorarlberg/Austria) is the founder of Austrians first concert series that is dedicated to acousmatic music. With this project, The Acousmatic Project, he did intensive research within the last 10 years about building a multichannel loudspeakers orchestra, that finally is called The Vienna Acousmonium.    Every year two festivals are organised that present international artists […]