Floating Sound Gallery

Архив за February 2016

Andrey Bundin

Andrey Bundin (b. 1987) – сomposes chamber, symphonic, vocal and electro-acoustic music. Laureate of the composer’s competition “Modern tonal academic music” in 2011, Saint-Petersburg for the series “Six Pieces for Piano”. A. Bundin’s chamber works were performed in the concert hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers, the concert hall of the Institute of […]

FSG in Sound Museum: Micah Silver / Andrey Bundin – 8/22.03.16

8 / 22, March: 19:00 & 21:00 –  Micah Silver, “You and Me, Going”, multichannel sound installation (2008). 20:00 & 22:00 – Andrey Bundin, “Cycles”, eight channels self-organizing sound installation. @ Sound Museum, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 53

FSG in Sound Museum: Patrick K.-H. / Boris Shershenkov – 23.02.16

23, February: 20:00 - Patrick K.-H. & Boris Shershenkov: live multichannel performance to open series of spatial sound installations from Floating Sound Gallery collection. @ Sound Museum, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 53.