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concert-flyer2013_500SEAMS (Society for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden) is an organisation that has around 100 members.  The goal of SEAMS is to promote electroacoustic music in Sweden.  This includes compositional studio works, live electronics, sound installations (often in cooperation with other areas as well, such as dance, visual arts and performance).

The society was formed 1980 under the name ICEM. ICEM was then a part of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (ICEM) based in France. Anyone who is interested in the genre is welcome to apply for membership.

The society regularly arrange concerts and workshops. SEAMS also has the record label “Elektron Records” for releases of primarily Swedish electroacoustic music. Please visit www.elektronrecords.com

SEAMS work closely with other societies like Fylkingen and EMS.

SEAMS board:
Paul Pignon - chairperson
Eva Sidén – vice chairperson
Thommy Wahlström – treasurer
Sten-Olof Hellström – secretary
Girilal Baars - in charge of Elektron
Paul Savage - web master