Floating Sound Gallery



Moscow Sound Art Gallery SA))_gallery

SA))_gallery – is the first stationary gallery project in Russia technically and conceptually constructed to work with modern sound arts. The project is created by SoundArtist.ru community and is derived from the SA))_Q-O sound art framework, which was designed in 2014.
SA))_gallery is now situated in Electromuseum building in Moscow’s Rostokino area.

curator: sergey kasich
designed by SA))_R&D:
sergey kasich, oleg makarov, valya fetisov, katerina examiliotu
supported by: Electromuseum, Department of Cultures of Moscow, “Exhibition Halls” holding, ANO ZA ART, Ministry of Cultures of Russia.


adress: Moscow, Rostokinskaya 1, Electromuseum
tlf: +7 499 187 10 45

Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 20.00 (MSK / UTC+3)