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Diego Losa

Diego Losa. A member of INA GRM (Music Research Group) and in charge of the digitisation of GRM’s original work, Diego Losa is also a sound manager and technical assistant to guest composers at INA. A Sound Engineering professor at Sorbonne (Paris I) and EICAR Film School, Diego also teaches electroacoustic music at St-Etienne Conservatoire à rayonnement régional. Diego […]

Young Lions of Acousmatic Music — 5.12.20

5, December, 20:00 Echoes Around Me IV: Young Lions of Acousmatic Music on The Vienna Acousminimum. Fixed Media Artists: Floating Sound Gallery / New Media Laboratory class of Patrick K.-H. / St. Petersburg Olga Zubova: Hypodechomai | 20’10” | 2020 Victoria Morgunova: C.R.N.S. | 24’50” | 2020 Music Information Technologies’ Department of the National Music […]

Opening of the ACOUSMONIUM festival, 2019

ACOUSMONIUM festival, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg, Russia, in co-production with INA GRM, supported by Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg, 25-28.07.2019 Opening words: François Bonnet, head of INA GRM, Patrick K.-H. (Anton Iakhontov), curator of the Festival, Alain Hélou, director of Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg, Ioulia Starovoitova, curator of cultural programs of Institut Français […]

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: Francis Dhomont.

ACOUSMONIUM festival, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg, Russia, in co-production with INA GRM, supported by Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg, 25-28.07.2019 Francis Dhomont, artist-talk, 28.07.2019 project manager – Anastasia Blur. curator – Patrick K.-H.

St. Petersburg TV channel report in the ACOUSMONIUM festival


Russia 1 TV-channel report on the ACOUSMONIUM festival


Ina GRM announcement of the ACOUSMONIUM festival

Rushaniya Nizamutdinova

Rushaniya Nizamutdinova (instructor of a “Digital technologies in music” course at TISBI University) graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory as a composer. She is a participant of international festivals, such as The sound projects festival Zeppelin 2016, 2018 (Spain (on the Internet platform)), OUA-EMF 2017 (Osaka University Of Arts, Japan) Electroacoustic Music Festival 2017, Acousmonium […]

ACOUSMONIUM festival — 25-28.07.19, in co-production with INA GRM

ACOUSMONIUM festival in co-production with INA GRM / Groupe de Recherches Musicales, supported by Institut Français de Saint-Pétersbourg. 25, July / Thursday / FESTIVAL OPENING Performance - 19:30 - 22:00  The New Stage Opening word: Daniel Teruggi – “From Sound to Music: the contributions of musique concrète” GRM performance: Pierre Schaeffer, “Cinq études de bruits” (1948). Bernard Parmegiani, “L’œil […]

Gilles Racot

Gilles Racot (b.1951) “Phonurgie” / 1997-98, 20’00” Commissioned by French Ministry of Culture for 50-years celebration of musique concrete in INA GRM.  “Épiphonies” / 1993, 21’00” Commissioned by INA GRM. Chronomorphoses.  Intégrales / 2002-2006 Commande  de  l’État français et de l’INA-GRM. Suite en 10 mouvements. Durée totale: 52′ 1. Ronde minérale. 2. Fureur étincelles. 3. Ombres d’hommes. 4. Mémoire de […]

Todor Todoroff

Todor Todoroff Electrical Engineer with a specialization in telecommunications from the Free University of Brussels (ULB, 1987), he received a First Prize and a post-graduate diploma in Electroacoustic Composition from the Royal Conservatories of Music in Brussels (1993) and in Mons (1996). He is co-founder and president of FeBeME-BEFEM (Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music) and […]

Françoise Barrière

Francis Dhomont

Francis Dhomont studied under Ginette Waldmeier, Charles Koechlin and Nadia Boulanger. In the late 40’s, in Paris (France), he intuitively discovered with magnetic wire what Pierre Schaeffer would later call “musique concrète” and consequently conducted solitary experiments with the musical possibilities of sound recording. Later, leaving behind instrumental writing, he dedicated himself exclusively to electroacoustic […]

Philippe Dao

Philippe Dao studied electroacoustic music and musical technologies with Mathew Adkins and Michael Clarke at Huddersfield University. He worked at IRCAM and then at GRM, where he has been in charge of music production since 2006. In parallel, he composes electroacoustic and electronic music and has collaborated in Radio France radio creation broadcast.

Emmanuel Richier

Emmanuel Richier was born in 1980. He joined INA GRM in 2017 in the production department. Collaborator for more than 10 years on the concerts of the GRM, he now welcomes the composers in the studios of creation, accompanies them during the concerts and is in charge of the support of the GRM Tools softwares. […]

Jules Négrier

Jules Négrier holds a master degree in acousmatic music and sound art from the University of Marne La Vallée. He has worked at the french national radio on spatial audio projects before joining the GRM in 2018 as a programming assistant. He also composes electroacoustic music and performs it live.

François Bonnet

François Bonnet is a Franco-Swiss composer, writer and theoretician based in Paris. He’s been a member of INA GRM since 2007 and became its Director in 2018. He has published several books (The Order of Sounds, a sonorous Archipelago and The Infra-World have been published in english by Urbanomic). His last work to date Après […]

Benjamin Thigpen

Benjamin Thigpen, nomad, born in the United States, with degrees inEnglish Literature, Comparative Literature and “Esthetics, Technologies and Artistic Creations”, immigrated to Paris at the age of 31. Since then, he has composed at GRM (Paris), at Musiques et Recherches (Belgium), at SCRIME (Bordeaux), at EMS (Stockholm), at the Visby International Centre for Composers (Sweden), […]

Ivo Malec

Ivo Malec – french composer born in 1925 in Zagreb, Croatia. After studying at the university and the conservatory of his hometown, Ivo Malec settled in Paris in 1959. He entered the GRM in 1960 and became the manager and producer of numerous events until 1990.Teacher in composition at the Paris Conservatory (1972-1990), he contributed […]

Bernard Parmegiani

Bernard Parmegiani (1927 – 2013). Born in 1927, Bernard Parmegiani spent his youth “between two pianos”, his mother’s and his father’s: “I was actually in between two pianos: on one side of my room was my father’s office, where he was teaching piano to the great students of the conservatory,and on the other side was […]

Luc Ferrari

Luc Ferrari was born in 1929. He asks himself about this sentence; first 1929. He has written numerous autobiographies in which he would fake dates. Writing makes him crazy, don’t ask him to do that. And because he didn’t want to appear to be younger, he would age himself. That’s why there are a lot […]

Pierre Schaeffer

Pierre Schaeffer (1910 – 1995) Pierre Schaeffer is mostly known as the inventor of musique concrete and as a specialist of mass medias.His musical discoveries as well as his long career in French radio and television diffusion allowed him to overcome esthetical and technical aspects to reach the social and political role of communication in […]

Armando Balice

Armando Balice is a French Italian composer, improviser, co-founder and director of the musical creation association Alcôme. In his electroacoustic, mixed and acousmatic compositions, he develops a very orchestral writing, and plays with the boundaries of genres. This approach leads him to develop a personal aesthetic influenced as much by classical music as by experimental music […]

Burkhard Stangl, artist-talk and performance @ ACOUSMONIUM festival.

Burkhard Stangl presenting and projecting his piece MISCS (2015) at Russian ACOUSMONIUM inauguration. New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, 06.07.2018, moderator / curator – Patrick K.-H.

Daniel Teruggi: It was called Acousmatic.

Daniel Teruggi (composer, director of GRM 1997-2017) to Patrick K.-H. (composer, Floating Sound Gallery) on Acousmatic, its meanings, origins and history: – hearing phenomena, – cinema for the ears, – Pierre Schaeffer, Luc Ferrari and François Bayle, – “music concrete” vs. “music abstract”, – “sound object” and “musical object”, – active listening. GRM (Paris), June […]

“Cultural evolution” TV on the ACOUSMONIUM festival.

https://topspb.tv/programs/releases/90838/ “Cultural evolution” of St.Petersburg TV on ACOUSMONIUM festival.

What is Acousmatic? (Patrick K.-H. for Colta.ru)

https://www.colta.ru/articles/music_modern/18395?part=1 Before the ACOUSMONIUM festival, curator Patrick K.-H. addressed questions about spatial music, its practices and terminology to the participants – François Bayle, Thomas Gorbach, Daniel Teruggi, Jean-Claude Eloy, Burkhard Stangl, Martina Claussen and Volkmar Klien. (In Russian language).

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: Jean-Claude Eloy.

Jean-Claude Eloy: artist talk at Russian Acousmonium inauguration.In conversation with curator Patrick K.-H.New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Floating Sound Gallery, St.Petersburg, 07.08.2018.Camera / festival coordinator – Anastasia Blur.

First Channel Saint Petersburg on the ACOUSMONIUM festival.

http://www.1tvspb.ru/event/akusmatika/ “Loudspeakers Orchestra: Acousmatic - unusual music genre and great experiment”. First Channel Saint Petersburg.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: François Bayle.

François Bayle: artist talk at Russian Acousmonium inauguration. New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Floating Sound Gallery, St.Petersburg, 07.08.2018. Camera / festival coordinator – Anastasia Blur. Translation – Ekaterina Bereznikova.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: Daniel Teruggi.

Artist talk at Russian Acousmonium inauguration: Daniel Teruggi, curator of the French program.  New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Floating Sound Gallery, St.Petersburg, 07.08.2018.  Ru translation / curator - Patrick K.-H.  Camera / festival coordinator – Anastasia Blur.

ACOUSMONIUM conversations: pirates of institutions.

On the 6th-8th of July, 2018, Acousmonium was first time introduced in Russia at the devoted festival in Alexandrinsky Theatre. On the last day participants of this “Acousmonium inauguration” gathered to discuss issues of adaptation and (un)natural selection of electroacoustic and acousmatic music in academic, art, theatre and music contexts and environments. Born to electricity […]

ACOUSMONIUM festival – 6-8.07.18

https://www.acousmonium.info/ Curator of the festival: Рatrick K.-H. Curator of Austrian program: Thomas Gorbach. Curator of French program: Daniel Teruggi.

Thomas Gorbach

Thomas Gorbach (*1966, Vorarlberg/Austria) is the founder of Austrians first concert series that is dedicated to acousmatic music. With this project, The Acousmatic Project, he did intensive research within the last 10 years about building a multichannel loudspeakers orchestra, that finally is called The Vienna Acousmonium.    Every year two festivals are organised that present international artists […]

Burkhard Stangl

Dr. Burkhard Stangl (b.1960) is a prolific performer in the worlds of electro-acoustic improvisation and contemporary classical music, having participated in over 50 recordings. Lector at the University of Music and Performing Arts (Vienna) for improvisation and new streams in music, author of several books and many articles on cultural anthropology and music theory, among […]

Volkmar Klien

Growing up in Vienna Volkmar Klien (*1971, Hollabrunn) spent his childhood engulfed in the city’s rich musical life with all its glorious traditions and engrained rituals. Working from this background Volkmar Klien today strives to extend traditional practices of composing, producing and listening far beyond the established settings of concert music. He works in various […]

Daniel Teruggi

Born in Argentina in 1952, Daniel Teruggi has developed his professional career in France, where he lives since 1977. Composer and researcher, he has worked since 1981, at Ina (National Audiovisual Institute) in Paris. He has been the Director of Ina’s Musical Research Group, GRM, from 1997 to 2017 and Director or the Research and […]

François Bayle

François Bayle. Born in 1932 in Tamatave, Madagascar where he lived for 14 years. Studies in Bordeaux (1946—54). In 1958-60, François Bayle joined Pierre Schaeffer’s Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris, and between 1959-62 worked with Olivier Messiaen and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In 1966, Pierre Schaeffer put him in charge of the GRM which, in 1975, […]

Martina Claussen

Martina Claussen is a mezzo-soprano, vocal artist, composer and composer- performer.  The focal point of her work lies in the interaction of her own voice, which also is the main sound source of her electroacoustic compositions, and live electronics.  She studied voice, vocal pedagogy, computer music and electronic media at the University of Music and […]

Jean-Claude Eloy

Jean-Claude Eloy is a French composer, born in 1938. He studied at the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music, where he won First Prizes in Piano, Chamber Music, Counterpoint, Ondes Martenot, and studied composition with Darius Milhaud.He attended summer courses at Darmstadt (Pousseur, Scherchen, Messiaen, Boulez, Stockhausen) and was a student in composition in Pierre […]

Beatriz Ferreyra – 23.05.18

23, May, 19.30 Beatriz Ferreyra, artist talk + live performance of the multichannel composition: “Senderos del olvido” (The forgetfulness paths), 14’09″ (2016) “Echos”, 8’30’’ (1978) “L’autre rive” (The other shore), 17’20’’ (2007) co-production of Floating Sound Galleryand Prepared Environments festival, support - Institut français de Saint-Pétersbourg, free entrance, registration at Timepad. @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky […]

Beatriz Ferreyra

Beatriz Ferreyra. Worked at O.R.T.F. (French National Television), as a member of the Group of Musical Researches (G.R.M), under the leadership of Pierre Schaeffer (1963-70), contributed to Pierre Schaeffer’s book «Traité des Objets Musicaux» (1966), participated to the records realization from «Solfège de l’Objet Sonore» by Pierre Schaeffer (1967). Since 1970 she is a free […]

Patrick K.-H.

Sound- / video- / visual artist, Patrick K.-H. (aka Anton Iakhontov) collages within the fields of sound installations, live and tape acousmatic and animation (1,2), exercising cross fertilisation. Author of music / video for opera / drama / contemporary dance / post-dramatic theatre plays and performances as well as his own works in Russia, Austria, Germany […]

Alexandre Castant, Les enceintes dans l’art contemporain – 27.04.2018

27, April Alexandre Castant, conférence Les enceintes dans l’art contemporain  dans le cadre du programme éducatif consacré au festival «Accousmonium». Après une introduction du principe et du dispositif de l’Acousmonium, dans le cadre de l’histoire de la musique concrète de l’INA, la conférence présentera une (petite) histoire des concerts de haut-parleurs dans l’art contemporain et […]

Boris Shershenkov

Borish Schershenkov (Magadan — St.Petersburg).Engineer and sound artist, curator of Electroacoustic Music Lab LEMESG at GES-21. Among his interests — electroacoustic improvisation, spatial sound installation, design and development of musical instruments. EAI jam with Oleg Makarov / Patrick K.-H. Digiphonia, soundspace installation, 2014. Though computer development aims to quantize data, it also produces a multitude of artifacts of the virtuality that are, […]