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FSG in Sound Museum: Micah Silver / Andrey Bundin – 8/22.03.16

8 / 22, March: 19:00 & 21:00 –  Micah Silver, “You and Me, Going”, multichannel sound installation (2008). 20:00 & 22:00 – Andrey Bundin, “Cycles”, eight channels self-organizing sound installation. @ Sound Museum, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 53

Where to find sound art in Petersburg.

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IMA: Maryanne Amacher / Diapason: Micah Silver – 20.02.15

In frames of the FSG, we begin to exhibit works created in various international art-centres and galleries dealing with spatial sound. And there are already two in this February program – IMA (Institut für Medienarchäologie, Austria) and Diapason Gallery for Sound Art (NYC)      19:30 – IMA session in FSG: Video portrait #06 Maryanne Amacher by Elisabeth Schimana & Lena Tikhonova (2013). IMAfiction is the Institute’s […]

Micah Silver

. First person, temporary: My participation in culture consists of producing scenarios within which a set of ideas and experiences can unfold. These scenes often point to core questions that I’ve been asking through many materials, strategies, and roles for the past decade. In each case, a highly speculative proposition is made, and it points […]