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Young Lions of Acousmatic Music — 5.12.20

5, December, 20:00 Echoes Around Me IV: Young Lions of Acousmatic Music on The Vienna Acousminimum. Fixed Media Artists: Floating Sound Gallery / New Media Laboratory class of Patrick K.-H. / St. Petersburg Olga Zubova: Hypodechomai | 20’10” | 2020 Victoria Morgunova: C.R.N.S. | 24’50” | 2020 Music Information Technologies’ Department of the National Music […]

Multichannel studies of the “New Media Lab” 2019 participants – 22.09.2019

22, September, 19.30 Multichannel studies of the “New Media Lab” 2019 participants: Andrey Rylov, Polina Orlova, Olga Zubova, Anton Kvitchuk, Nastya Yatskhey. and “New Media Lab” 2015 participant Daniil Koronkevich. @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. Petersburg, Russia. registration @ Timepad

New Media Laboratory

As a project of Alexandrinsky Theatre, New Media Laboratory is the sole program in contemporary Russian theatre dedicated to the research and airing of the new media in theatre and related performing arts, from the spheres of sound- and video- to bio-, data-art and programming. Located in the professionally equipped Media Studio at the New […]

Vera Bezrukova

Vera Bezrukova is a musician and media artist. She graduated from the School of Improvisational Music (St. Petersburg). Participated in various improvisational projects, including the project “Gadgetophonia” by St.Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra, which received Grand Prix of the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award (2016). The starting point for development in the media art and sound art was […]

Natasha Skulskaya

Natasha Skulskaya. “Land slices”. The starting point for the work was the sounds recorded in different points of the earth. Sounds describe and imitate the movements of objects and their interaction with each other. These are elements of inanimate and living nature in different geographical locations.  

Dmitrii Antropov

Dmitrii Antropov. Media artist, art historian, creative coder. He attended School of Improvisational Music (SPB) and New Media Lab (SPB). Individually and as a member of GODA media artist collective shows his works at international exhibitions, conferences and festivals. Believing that technology extends the boundaries of traditional art means, he mainly creates interactive installations and […]

Anastasia Ivanova

Anastasia Ivanova. “The Forest” (2017). Abstract composition covers the sounds of inner life of plants within it’s communication with the environment. Recorded on contact microphones on various locations in Moscow.  

FSG @ SA))_gallery – 10.11.17-12.1.18

10, November 2017 – 12, January 2018. Octophonic sound etudes from the Floating Sound Gallery collection, created by participants of the  “New Media Lab-2017” (St.Petersburg, New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre). Class “Art of sound within the frameworks of new media” of Andrey Bundin. Anastasia Ivanova, “The Forest” (2017), Dmitrii Antropov, “Black Lodge” (2017), Филипп Гузеев, “Extra” (2017), Natash Skulskaya, “Land slices” (2017), Vera Bezrukova, “Listening to a horse” (2017).

Philipp Guzeev

Philipp Guzeev (b. 1992 Russia). Software engineer, media artist and musician whose artistic interest lies in composing for multi-channel audio systems, creating audio-visual installations and exploring the capabilities of VR\AR technologies in the context of art and theatre. Education: 2009-2014 – Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Specialist in Computer Science (Russia). […]

Oleg Sysoev – 25.06.17

25, June, 18.00-20.00 Oleg Sysoev, “ROS”, algorithmic sound installation (2017). @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Oleg Sysoev

Oleg Sysoev (St.Petersburg). From a background not closely related to music and sound. A brief career history: qualified as a programmer (ITMO) and created two international companies working in the games industry. The catalyst for taking up musical creativity was the New Media Laboratory at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, as well as lessons with composer Andrei […]