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Архив статей с меткой «Rotting Sounds»

Almut Schilling

Almut Schilling is a conservator and researcher, educated at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and various international institutions. Based in Vienna, her studio is specified in preservation of electronic and digital art.As analog native she is highly interested in pushing her boundaries while working through challenging projects and thinking TRANSdisciplinarily.Framed by a practical and scientific […]

Till Bovermann

Till Bovermann is an artist and scientist, working with the sensation of sound and interaction. He studied Computer Science in the Natural Science, majoring in Robotics at Bielefeld University and worked at various institutes of Bielefeld University, Germany where he also received a PhD for his work on Tangible Auditory Interfaces.As post-doctoral researcher on tangible and […]

Rotting Sounds — 24.05.19

24, May, 19.30 Thomas Grill / Till Bovermann / Almut Schilling: Short introduction into the rotting sounds research project with sound examples.Till Bovermann: Buffer manipulations (ca. 15′)Thomas Grill: Residuals (24′) @ Media-Center of The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A, St. Petersburg, Russia. entrance 350 rub @ Alexandrinsky ticket office