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Wang Xinyu

Wang Xinyu is currently a lecturer at department of music engineering of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou, China. He got his doctorate degree in theory of electronic composition at Center for Electronic Music, CCOM. Wang was the music programmer and sound designer of different works commissioned by music festivals such as Musicacoustica-Beijing, Beijing Modern Music […]

EMAC @ FSG — 19.01.18

19, January, 19:30 Concert program: Mengjie QI — Songs in the Valley Mengjie QI — Lin Chong Fled at Night Liu Peixin — Tracing Liu Peixin — Five Stanzas of Plum Blossoms Wang Xinyu – Yi-Motions Huizi Li — Decode Electronic Music Association of China (EMAC), a subdivision of Chinese Musicians Association, is a national […]