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noid /aka arnold haberl, *1970, living in vienna
composer . performer . improviser | cello . electronic devices

his musical approach can be described as fundamental research. his works span a wide range of contradictory outcome, from solos to compositions for ensembles, from sound installations to videos. using electronics as well as acoustical instruments. consequently denying the borderline between music and sound-art. this lead him to collaborations with artists of different fields – choreographers, like joão fiadeiro, colette sadler, akemi takeya, philipp gehmacher, etc… visual artists as for instance alexander schellow, heike kaltenbrunner, erik hable or andré goncalves. beside his ensembles like schimana / noid: “hautkoerper” (w/ elisabeth schimana) kazuhisa uchihashi / noid / tamara wilhelm, b:f:n [w/ cordula boesze and wolfgang fuchs] and ease [w/ klaus filip] he is performing among others with: christian weber, axel doerner, susanna gartmayer, taku unami, okkyung lee, o.blaat, marco eneidi, erikM, dieb13, burkhard stangl, yan jun, franz hautzinger, taku han-noda, carl stone, mattin, billy roisz, hankil ryu, etc… he is programmer for the “ppooll” project: an open source / copyleft / freeware, designed for live improvisation, composition, interactive installations, etc… together with klaus fillip [the main programmer] he held many workshops at universities [A, P, JP, KR, LT, I] and they were invited to present this software at the first cycling74 user conference in san francisco in april 2009. he is part of the organizing team for the annual “reheat” interdisciplinary festival, the monthly concert/performance series “Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch“. and is curating soundart exhibitions in the frame of “konfrontationen nickelsdorf“.
since 2010 he is teaching at the “salzburg university of applied sciences” for auditive interface systems, audiovisual project developement and acoustics.

“you’re not here”

sound installation


“you’re not here” (4 channel version) @ shut up and listen – festival, vienna 2007

a sequence of silence in different levels
recordings of empty performance- and rehearsal-rooms, mixing with the actual sound of the installation-site

- an imaginary architecture as acoustical intervention
- a tightrope walk between abstraction and perceptibility – thinking about the preconditions of listening music

an imaginary building – an open building with transparent walls. it’s about something small surrounded by nothing

previously shown:
shut up and listen – festival, vienna 2007
i prefer not to be – symposium, bern 2010
skolska sound gallery, praha 2014