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ACOUSMONIUM conversations: институциональные пираты.

On the 6th-8th of July, 2018, Acousmonium was first time introduced in Russia at the devoted festival in Alexandrinsky Theatre. On the last day participants of this “Acousmonium inauguration” gathered to discuss issues of adaptation and (un)natural selection of electroacoustic and acousmatic music in academic, art, theatre and music contexts and environments. Born to electricity and music parents, it grows trough radio and concert halls, universities and visual art galleries, in 1974 obtained its instrument — “loudspeakers orchestra” — but never an own home, comparing to opera house for opera or cinema theatres for movies. Are we doomed to be institution pirates?
Composers / performers (from left to right):
- Daniel Teruggi (curator of the French program),
- Francois Bayle,
- Jean-Claude Eloy,
- Patrick K.-H. (curator of the festival),
- Burkhard Stangl,
- Martina Claussen,
- Thomas Gorbach (curator of the Austrian program),
- Volkmar Klien.

Coordinator of the festival — Anastasia Blur.